What is the best method to suppress an appetite (when intermittent fasting)?

Fasting will naturally suppress your appetite, as your body becomes more and more accustomed to the process. There will be times when you do become a lot more hungry, and this is normal too. Our bodies are always shifting and changing their course, and it’s to be expected. There are several ways in which you can suppress hunger when fasting. Let’s go through them in a bit of detail

6 ways to stop hunger pangs when Intermittently fasting

  1. Drink plenty of water, and always keep a bottle with you.
    Sometimes we mistake thrust for hunger. Although we are fasting and we are most definitely hungry, It’s always a good idea to fill up on water during the day, with regular intervals. If you do exercise, then more water will be needed. I find that adding a lemon or lime wedge helps, as well as some ice. This makes your water a lot more refreshing to drink. Add some ginger slices. This can also be heated if you are in colder months of the year. Keep a bottle with you at all times, and sip away. Try to make it filtered water.
  2. Having coffee to boost your energy, and curb your hunger.
    I love my black coffee! There are a lot of stevia alternatives that do not break the fast, so do read labels carefully when picking. Coffee will jolt you out of a slower part of the day, as well as curb those hunger pangs. Try a cup before your workout, followed by BCAA – to really give your body the boost it needs, whilst retaining muscle mass during your session. If you don’t like coffee, green tea is a perfect option. Use the antioxidant properties that green tea contains, to your best advantage. Both of these beverages can be consumed during the course of your day. Just don’t add milk to them!
  3. Engage your mind in some highly powered activities.
    When I’m fasting for prolonged periods of time, I love to engage in some very highly complicated activities. This can be researching a topic, and writing a blog post on, working on complicated and thorough e book creations, developing business objectives and goals, and doing some educational tutorials. These activities become so engaging, and I use all my concentration most easily, and better than I would when I’ve had a meal. It’s so intriguing how focused and sharp the mind is when you fast. Instead of doing endless activities, which make you even more hungry, use your brain power to it’s best advantage within this moment. You will be amazed at the amount of progression you will make, in a shorter period of time (without procrastination!)
  4. Go for a walk in nature with a sense of gratitude – preferably with a dog.
    I love going for a short, leisurely walk when I’m fasting (or quite hungry). Nothing too strenuous, just a walk to listen to my audio book, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and count my blessings for how grateful I am in this moment. Instead of being torn down by hunger, minimise your focus on it, and instead, see the wonder and beauty around you. Sit in the sun, and enjoy the wind in your hair, and how thankful you are to be alive. Fasting over time, will help your sense to ignite, and tap into your inner being a lot more. Fresh air, sun and beautiful animals are some of the most beautiful aspects of life. Enjoy them.
  5. Weight train – Do some heavy and strenuous lifting.
    I love training in a fasted state. The results will amaze you! Focus your weight training on conditioning your body into a fit, athletic and lean shape. Fasting can get you there a lot faster, and even without food! When you fast, human growth hormone is magnified beyond what you will even understand, therefore, your ability to put on muscle and lose body fat are even more prevalent! This is why it’s such a powerful option to weight train in this state, even performing HIIT. One very essential tip to making this work in your favour, is to make the conscious effort of eating enough protein when you are feeding, so that you can make the gains you wish to, and keep your body’s metabolism running high. The last thing you want to do is lose muscle mass. Make protein a top food priority.
  6. Remember what benefits this is actually doing for your body and soul.
    Always remember that abstaining from food is allowing your body to rest, heal and rejuvenate. Yes, the fad right now is the huge amounts of body fat you can lose, but there are also so many more profoundly positive changes IF does for our bodies. We calm inflammation, reverse and diminish the rate at which we age, cleans our body and soul, make us more sensitive to insulin, and re-set our metabolism. There is no dietary lifestyle plan that is quite like this one, and with this many benefits. The hunger is only for such a short period of time, compared to diets that are calorie restricted.

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