How to increase your success by adopting simple gratitude principles

I will be forever grateful for the positive and negative that has passed in and out of my life.

Learning to look for what is in front of me and appreciating its beauty makes me feel more connected to the universe as one. It then moves into my life and shows up as thankfulness, compassion for others and kindness. One of the most significant things I’m grateful for (and will be for as long as I live) is that the universe allowed my mum to stay on earth for six months. After her cancer diagnosis, she suffered from renal failure. That could have killed her a lot faster, but the universe wanted her to stay a bit longer – and she did. So for those precious months – whether in hospital, bedridden or happily walking in the sunshine with me, I will always be grateful that I could be with her. See, it’s these moments we experience overwhelming love, making our life a whole lot more worthwhile. Gratitude allows us to see beyond what’s in front of us and enforce stillness, solitude and calmness into our lives. If we sit down to think of all the beautiful things we have – it significantly changes our biochemistry, and we start attracting more of the things we’re grateful for. At times it can be hard to show gratitude. I believe that sometimes the goodness I’m experiencing is too good to be true. Have you ever felt that? Well, what if this is just the beginning, and the levels of goodness will keep rising higher, as you keep showing gratitude towards them? You allow more of it to come into your life. Everyone is struggling with something right now; it could be making connections and money on Medium or losing a person you love. As hard as it is, there is always some goodness wrapped up within it. Unfortunately, you can’t see it right now because you aren’t looking for it. At this stage, we’re clouded by our perception of what is a negative situation or setback. What about taking a moment to sit, close your eyes and imagine what the benefit could be? Perhaps start with the more minor things first, such as the aroma of freshly chopped cucumber in your meal or the feeling of your first sip of warm coffee in the morning. Once you start, the endless grateful moments will increase until everything seems somewhat magical in its way. Imagine the childlike wonder we bring into our world just by adopting this. Then, try it for a whole month and see your outlook on life ultimately change. If we decide that magic is everywhere, and it’s around the corner waiting – it most certainly will be. Maybe on Medium for you, it’s 19 cents, but that’s not to say it won’t be $1900 later on. The form is a forever changing shape. Keep dreaming, seeking, and finding out what the droplets of gratitude are waiting for extraction from whatever your situation is. What we focus on grows – and what grows flourishes into a potential that’s yearning to come through. What will yours be?

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