Burn body fat faster & workout in half the time with this method

I thought it was about time I dived deep into some excellent (and challenging, mind you) ways to burn body fat and put on some valuable muscle in the process. If I can be candid, I don’t have much time on my hands these days. Work is demanding, I get tired, I’m getting older, and there are many things I like to do OUTSIDE the gym. Although gyms aren’t yet open in Sydney because of our extended Delta outbreak lockdown, I’m longing to get back into some hardcore training. So, if you are lucky enough to have access to a gym — or perhaps have the equipment at home, then I do recommend you try this!

Most of us — especially women(who definitely should give this a try)don’t want to put on a lot of muscle. We want to create an excellent shape, something that looks amazing in all kinds of clothing — and can take us through to those beach days. The kind of workout I’m bringing to you is very intense, and you will feel it. That might mean for a few days after your session; you will be sore — possibly tired (and maybe hungry).The key to this workout is that intensity generates results fast. It would be best if you didn’t have to wait 3–6 months for this. If you are tired, rest; if you are sore, get a massage, or use a foam roller and maybe some pressure point massage (great excuse to get a massage, by the way, and spoil yourself). As for the hunger, do take extreme care here. But, you need to still stick with the proper nutritional plan here. Don’t mistake compensating your appetite by eating more food (and the wrong type!). Instead, have more protein, eat a few more green veggies —no junk food, please!


The raw method

I actively train with supersets, which produce some excellent results. Supersets mean that you implement one exercise (bicep curl) and then follow that with a second exercise (triceps extension). This method outlined uses opposing muscle groups, which means you can get away with less rest between sets. Less rest time in between sets increases the production of growth hormone. Say hello to the beauty of body fat reduction as a result. Decreasing your rest periods also enhances the activation of muscle contraction. In other words, it works your muscles intensely, so you experience faster growth. Not only that, but this way of training is the best for strength gains! Let’s break the benefits down even further for you. Supersets:Time effective + Fat burning + Muscle building + Strength building = The fastest results! I really can’t find a fault in this way of training, and it seems to tick all the boxes. I encourage you to try out this method and see what it does for you. This method is best when you have been training for a while and are familiar with using the proper form. That’s not to say that beginners can’t try this out. But please do research the exercises in any program so that you may execute them with precision. Here is a little teaser superset training session based on biceps and triceps. A refers to the first superset, B to the second superset and so on. Bicep and triceps teaser superset — by Ange dim fitness A1:Standing biceps curl four sets x10–12 reps (tempo 1–4–0) A2: Cable Triceps extension 4 sets x 10–12 reps (tempo 1–4–0) Complete four sets of A1 & A2 before moving on to B B1: Seated 90 degree bicep curl four sets x 10–12 reps (tempo 1–4–0) B2:Triceps dips four sets x 10–12 reps (tempo 1–4–0)

Bonus ignition superset

 For extra fat boosting potential, try these multi-joint movements. Multi-joint activities stimulate the most muscle activation and fat burning. Although it’s challenging, and sometimes I find that I can’t finish a set-off — it’s definitely to your advantage if you try it out! To polish this workout off, we finish with some single-joint exercises with lower weights but higher reps. That puts the burn into the muscles. Trust me; this is going to give you super powerful results.

Multi-Joint — superset

A1: Pull-ups 4 sets x 4–6 reps (tempo 3–0–1–1)A2: Triceps dips on parallel bars 4 sets x 4–6 reps (tempo 3–0–1–1) B1: Biceps curl hand weights five sets x 12–15 reps (tempo 4–0–1–1)B2:Triceps pushdown on cable five sets x 12–15 reps (tempo 4–0–1–1) Happy lifting!

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