When Procrastination Takes Hold - How To Turn On More Willpower & Push Through

How do you turn on more steam when you can’t be bothered.

I often feel lazy when it comes to making an effort. Most days, I cannot be bothered picking up my laptop and begin to motivate myself into achieving much (especially when the sun is shining outside). I want to lay in my backyard, basking in the sunshine and have a nap. Then these words start flowing into my head — because I’ve listened to them a million times. When the going gets tough — turn on even more willpower and find a way. Dam it — this mind repetition stuff works. Napoleon Hill repeated this so many times that it’s now engraved in my subconscious mind. So I pull myself out of this less than ideal mood I’m in, turning on even more willpower than before. Maybe I’ll tackle a huge work challenge or start writing an article to keep working towards my goals. Then the momentum and energy became stronger until I realised I just did all the hard stuff on my list! This is what happened to me on a Sunday — which is usually my Funday. And this was a result that took form through Napoleon Hill’s audiobooks. I listen to them day in day out to train my brain. I’ve been doing this for about six months now. So far, I’ve achieved my Medium goal, some workplace goals — and now I’m onto the big one — eCommerce. Let’s see how it goes with that one! For anyone who finds it challenging to write articles on Medium, or maybe want to start an online business from scratch and going through the motions — stop stopping & turn on more willpower than before! You will need something in the tank when procrastination and uncertainty take hold. That “stop stopping” part of the strategy came from Russel Brunson’s podcast. Too many people start, and then they stop. I know I do, and it then becomes a habit when things get too complicated. We stop. When the challenge appears, and you don’t know the answer or the way to move forward, turn on more steam and stop stopping — keep going. That’s how you build momentum, success and eventually master that thing you’ve set your sights on. Who knows, you might even hit all your goal targets sooner than you anticipated. It is demanding and challenging, but we all have to push through it and stop stopping. By the way, I still had time to lay in the sunshine — amazing how much time you really do have when you put your mind towards something! I’m having a go at this short form article challenge and will be bringing in some inspirational tips and tricks that have helped me along the road I’m on. It’s the road to financial freedom & lifelong health. Feel free to join me along the quest by following me on Medium or subscribing to my newsletter. I can’t wait to hear all your goals and how you’ve stopped stopping!

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